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Last Saturday I saw a medium to see if I could connect with you. I bet you was laughing and thinking ‘mums not into that’ but I need to believe there is something more for you
New year has just passed so happy new year Ellis I miss you bro hope ur partying up their 💙🕊
Missing you this Christmas Ellis! Thinking of you so much xxx
Nina and Shaun December 25th, 2020
Merry Christmas beautiful Ellis. We love you. Lots of love, Shaun & Nina xxx
Thinking of you with Christmas nearing - your favourite time of year! Love you and miss you so much and sad you won’t be here this year x
Hope you’re at peace up there 💙 miss you angel 👼🏻🤍
You should’ve been able to celebrate your 16th birthday tomorrow. As promised in my eulogy, I’ve done fireworks tonight and will do them again tomorrow. I’ll be taking balloons and cards to where you left us and visiting the park and crematorium too. Will always celebrate your birthdays every year! #Forever15 #RememberRememberThe5thNovember #MyBonfireNightBaby
Love you forever, mum ❤️💙 November 4th, 2020
Shine bright and dance with the angels ❤️
I saw a rainbow yesterday and though of you. Forever in my heart. Xxx
I’m going to be sending your bunny with you to rest, as I know you couldn’t sleep without it.
Love you forever Mum ❤️❤️💙💙 October 19th, 2020
I miss you loads Ellis, hope your resting well up there. Until next time..🥺💙💔
I never known you but so said to hear you gone
Richard ( swale pride support group ) October 19th, 2020
A rainbow for my wonderful Nephew x
I love you mush forever and always💙🥺
Shine bright with love and laughter. Rest well Ellis. XxX